Divided from Ho Chi Minh City Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs Company in 1976, Saigon Industrial Foodstuffs Joint-stock Company (INFOODCO) has independently operated for 39 years (1976 – 2015) in the industrial foodstuff sector. Our major function is providing the daily necessities and foodstuffs to the residents in Ho Chi Minh City and adjacent provinces.

Through multiple restructuring and reorganization, INFOODCO has endeavoured outstandingly to transform its State-run business model to be gradually equitized in the market mechanism. Since 2006, INFOODCO has officially been a joint-stock company, 51% of which is state-owned.

 INFOODCO, while accomplishing its business activities, always attends to the lives of the public, prioritizes the consumers' health, and contributes actively to the development of the nation. INFOODCO, through uninterrupted efforts, was honored with elevated titles and prizes: 3rd-ranked Labor Medal (1998), 2009's Golden Trophy for Excellent Products and Services for the health and development of the communities, High Quality Vietnamese Product (2012 and 2015) by the consumers' poll, and TOP 500 Vietnamese enterprises with the largest turnover in 2007 (VNR 500) …

The establishment and development of the company are summarized in the following periods:

1976 – 1986: Restructuring and renovation

In June 1976: Foodstuff Company II was divided from Ho Chi Minh City Foodstuff and Agricultural Product Company, which later led to the establishment of Vietnam Meat Industries Limited Company (Vissan), Saigon Aquatic Products Trading Joint-stock Companh (APT) and Saigon Industrial Foodstuffs Joint-stock Company. It specialized in the distribution of industrial foodstuffs and agricultural products.

1987 – 1991: Market mechanism

In September 1991: We entered the official joint venture contract with Asia Pacific Breweries to establish Vietnam Brewery Limited (VBL), which has been an efficient Joint Venture with great contributions to the city's funds.

1992-2005: Specialized in industrial foodstuffs
In September 1992: we were renamed as Ho Chi Minh City Industrial Foodstuffs Company, following the market mechanism.

2006 to present: Equitization

 According to the decision 4468/QD-UB dated 30 August 2005 by Ho Chi Minh City's People's Committee on the approval and conversion of the state-owned Ho Chi Minh City Industrial Foodstuffs Company to "Saigon Industrial Foodstuffs Joint-stock Company". As of 01 January 2006, Saigon Industrial Foodstuffs Joint-stock Company was officially operated as a Joint Stock Business, 51% of which is state-owned.