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Infoodco launched the new design of Bee sugar product

Updated : 29-12-2015 13:07:48

In July 2015, Saigon Industrial Foodstuffs Joint stock company (Infoodco) launched the new product line – Bee packet sugar for the traditional market segment. The Bee sugar with its new design in green packets of 1kg and 500gr, suitable for the majority of ordinary consumers for friendly designs and affordable prices.

Sugar Bee new packaging bag 500 g

With the motto of “Being loyal to the natural sweetness”, the Bee sugar product meets the standard of clean sugar and light sweetness, and is easily used for daily activities. Materials of the Bee sugar is strictly chosen from large famous local factories. The products are packed with the advanced semi-automatic production chain, meeting the standards of food safety and hygiene. 

As an essential commodity, sugar plays a critical part in daily food and beverages of all families. Therefore,  safety and hygiene as well as materials of sugar should be carefully noticed, avoiding the use of generic products without clear origins.

Infoodco currently has two products including the premium refined sugar and white sugar under the Bee brand name, involved in the market stabilization program of  the City. The products are mainly distributed to shops, supermarkets and elected by consumers as the High quality Vietnamese Commodity since 2012. 

With this launch of the new product, Infoodco would like to offer new products, appropriate for each market segment, creating a variety of options for consumers. 

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