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Infoodco to meet the demand for stabilized commodity during Tet 2015

Updated : 29-12-2015 13:02:12

As a professional distributor of the Saigon Trading Group (Satra), and regularly been involved in the market stabilization program, Saigon Industrial Foodstuffs Joint stock company (Infoodco) is determined to ensure the availability of stabilized goods in terms of supply and prices for the Lunar New’s Year of 2015.

Infoodco ensure adequate supply of sugar , cooking oil in portfolio Lunar New Year 2015 - Photo by: HV

Expansion of production, rich supply of goods

Involved in the market stabilization program since its first days with the two major commodities including the Bee sugar and cooking oil, Infoodco has created a distribution network of stabilized goods with 143 points of sale in the network of BigC, Co.opmart, Co.op Food, Aeon, Lottemart, Metro, Citimart, Satrafoods, Satramart, Vissan store and convenience stores, etc. Infoodco commits to supply a monthly average of 1,400 tons of sugar and 140 tons of cooking oil with a total capital of VND 28 billion.

“Sugar is the strategic commodity of Infoodco, in which its sales involved in the market stabilization program accounts for an essential part of the company’s revenue. Therefore, Infoodco focuses their development in this commodity, and makes sure the supply of this commodity meets the market demand”, said the management of Infoodco.

To ensure the stability of input and output, Infoodco only imports sugar materials from prestigious factories like Khanh Hoa, NIVL, Nuoc Trong, Can Tho, etc. Besides, in quarter 4 of 2014, Infoodco invested in the automatic packaging machine for sugar sachets, expanded the production chain, increased the yield of the Bee packet sugar product to fulfill their duties in meeting the demand for stabilized goods during Tet holiday. 

Enhancing supply of stabilized products to workers and suburban residents

Being fully aware of the purpose and meaning of its involvement in the market stabilization program and responsibility for consumers, Infoodco not only cares about its products’ prices and quality, but focuses on reaching consumers, particularly remote area people, workers in industrial parks and processing-exporting zones. Apart from the scheduled sales trips of the company, during the Tet holiday 2015, Infoodco shall hold sales trips for workers in different  processing-exporting zones and industrial parks.

According to a representative from Infoodco, as a distributor of large orders from agents, supermarkets, restaurants, hotels, factories, industrial canteens, shops, grocery stores, conventional markets, etc., yet Infoodco takes the initiative in contacting retail customers, delivery to further enhance its sales network, and create the impetus for the new market share race in 2015. The only way is to take more actions to approach consumers in a better way.  

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